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A Suite of Data-driven Solutions Powered by Machine Learning and AI

Our solutions are the first in the nation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that are designed for both traffic management and law enforcement. Our software is created by seasoned industry experts and comprehensive enough to make every decision a data-informed decision. Each solution, developed with Silicon Valley technology, is highly configurable, flexible, and scalable out-of-the-box.

Solutions Suite Overview


Comprehensive roadway intelligence software that includes real-time data, historical insights, AI-driven crash predictions, and configurable analytics.


A big data solution for connected vehicles. Can ingest data from IntelliConnect, process that data for business use cases, and expose the data to third parties for consumption.


A big data repository for transportation analytics.


Tolling using connected vehicle technology.


AI-driven video analytics software that can count and classify vehicles, detect disabled vehicles, and detect wrong-way driving.


End-to-end connected vehicle solution that ingests data from roadside units and process that data for business use cases, such as wrong-way driving. Uses both edge and cloud computing.


An incident management system for transportation.

Improved Safety, Mobility, and Operational Efficiency


Our transportation solutions are created by some of the top data scientists, engineers, proven law enforcement personnel, and traffic specialists from around the country. We unlock your data from disparate silos and leverage your legacy systems without disrupting or replacing them, while you maintain full control of your data. Future-proof your investment by effortlessly integrating additional data from any new hardware, devices, or sources.


Predictive Mapping with IntelliRoad

IntelliRoad is the industry’s one-of-a-kind solution that provides comprehensive roadway intelligence by combining traffic hot spots, live traffic information, and congestion detection with visualization and predictive analytics.

IntelliExchange Overview

Data Exchange Overview

Our data exchange ingests data, processes that data, and exposes it for consumption by third-party system. It enables monitoring and governance of the massive amount of data generated by connected vehicles, and it empowers next-generation use cases like in-vehicle crash alerts for secondary crash prevention.

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